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Buyers Guide

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Use one of the search bars from either our home page or search page to find a number plate you like. You can enter your initials, name or any text you like into our general search box, or use our pre-defined Genre searches, 4 letter prefix searches or quick 3 letter word searches.

Our most popular choice of cherished number plates is the 'prefix' style, which consist of 1 letter followed by up to 3 numbers and then 3 more letters. Typically, the last 3 letters would refer to either your initials or nick name and where possible you might look to repeat your first name initial at the start of the plate. For example, Rachel Louise Marshall might want to consider a plate such as R90 RLM.

Also worth considering is the general shape of the word and number of substitutions. A word can be created using substitutions if the shape and letter count is correct. For example, from our own stock we have a registration SPU 2S, which most people immediately associate as reading SPURS.

Vehicle registration numbers must be correctly displayed. It is an offence to alter, rearrange or misrepresent the letters and numbers to make words or names. You should not use any fixing bolts to change any letters or numbers.

When you have found the number plate you would like to purchase, make sure that it can be transferred to your vehicle. The basic rule is that you are not permitted to transfer a number plate to any vehicle if the vehicle itself is older than the year indicated by the indicator numbers or letter on the plate. For example, a car that originally had a 'M' year prefix plate may not display a 'Y' prefix plate as that would falsely make the vehicle appear younger than it is.

If you do not have a vehicle or you are buying the plate as a gift or simply wish to store your plate for future use, you may still purchase your registration and retain it on a special certificate until you are ready to transfer it to a vehicle. If you choose this method the registration mark will be issued in paper form on a Retention Document (V778) or a Certificate of Entitlement' [V750].

When you've identified a number that is of interest click the 'View Plate' button on our website to find out more details about the price, including VAT and any government fees.

Having identified a number plate you wish to purchase and you have a means of payment simply click the "Proceed to Enter Your Details" at the bottom of the page after selecting the 'Buy' button. Then simply follow the instructions inserting the relevant information, with particular attention to ensure you provide the correct details for the nominee name.